Video: When road testing goes wrong. Very wrong...


bike crashYouTube

We don't mean to brag but being handed the keys to a brand new car and having to write a review on it really is the best job in the world.

A car for testing comes with a full tank of fuel, it's lovely and clean and is even dropped off by a delivery driver who's smiling – most of the time

But this dream can quickly turn into a nightmare...

The video below shows a French motorcycle journalist testing the very latest Yamaha FLR1300 (as car journalists, we can only presume it's new). The Yamaha is fully-loaded with panniers on the back and is finished in a luscious shade of deep black.

The journo and his video crew have decided that filming him cruising along a pier and then stopping off for a Pernod would look really artistic.

But before the journalist can get to the cafe we imagine being just off-shot, one of those smart panniers clips a bollard shooting the rider straight into the drink. Luckily or unluckily, he lands in a yacht moored just below the pier.

Apparently, the journalist only suffered some bruising and a sore thumb. Oh, and his pride must have been severely dented.

We sympathise in same way we did when experienced hack Jethro Bovington clouted a kerb while on the launch of the Ferrari FF.