Drivers fined for obeying a diversion


Diversion signPA

Imagine being slapped on the wrists with a fine for obeying a policeman's instructions.

Well that's just what happened to drivers in Plymouth. According to the Plymouth Herald, hundreds of the city's motorists have been fined £60 for following a diversion during serious flooding.

Police directed drivers down a bus lane on Gdynia Way, Plymouth, to avoid flooded roads... but the bus lane enforcement cameras were left on.

Plymouth council issued the £60 fines to drivers caught by the cameras – but, due to drivers' outrage, the fines can now been torn up.

Businessman Michael Freeman was fined £120 after his vehicle was caught twice by the cameras.

"I was going to Plympton when I got done and Gdynia was shut," he told Plymouth Herald.

"The police were diverting the traffic across Embankment Road and, if the police are diverting you that way, that's the way you go.

"It's just crazy. If Gdynia was shut, they should have just turned the camera off. How much is it costing to send out fines and then letters cancelling them? It's like one hand doesn't know what the other is doing."

Freeman appealed the £120 but he's now worried other motorists will just pay the fine.

The council confirmed anyone driver snapped by the camera in Embankment Road between November 20 and 25 would have their fine cancelled.

A spokesperson told the newspaper: "Gdynia Way was open to all traffic at the time Mr Freeman drove through the bus gate on Embankment Road.

"However, the extreme weather conditions last week meant the road did need to be closed or partially closed a number of times and we appreciate this may have been confusing for motorists.

"We have therefore decided, in light of the exceptional circumstances, to cancel all penalty charge notices issued by the Embankment Road enforcement camera between Tuesday, November 20 and Sunday, November 25.

"All motorists issued with a PCN (penalty charge notice) during this time will receive a letter confirming this."

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