Van driver banned - for towing car and trailer at 100mph


Van driver banned - for towing car and trailer at 100mph Jaguar

As most drivers stuck behind a caravan will be aware, cars towing trailers have stringent speed limits enforced upon them by law. And rightly so - after all, as much as two tonnes of metal behind your vehicle is nothing to take lightly (no pun intended).

Ali Vakili found that out the hard way, taking a severe hit from the long arm of the law after hitting 100mph on the M1 - complete with a car on a trailer behind him.

Darting his Citroen van from 'lane to lane' to overtake other motorists, Vakili soon attracted the attention of the police after they spotted the broken tail lights on his Honda-laden trailer.

The police eventually pulled him over - only to discover that his licence didn't allow him to tow vehicles.

Vakili, of Airedale Avenue South in Chiswick, admitted to dangerous driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence at St Albans Crown Court.

With an interpreter's help, Afghanistan-born Vakili tried his best to apologise for his actions - telling the judge "I am very, very sorry about what I have done."

"I am the only breadwinner in my family," he continued, pleading not to be disqualified. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't quite enough - with judge Marie Catterson banning him for 12 months.

In addition, Vakili is required to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work, must pay £400 in court costs and will need to take an extended test when he does return to the road.