Football star Tevez banned from driving


Man United striker Carlos Tevez has been banned from driving after he failed to reveal who was driving his Porsche Panamera after it was snapped by a speed camera in March 2011.

The driver is yet to be identified, with Tevez solicitor's adamant he was not behind the wheel.
The ban comes just days after Tevez, originally from Argentina, had the £120,000 Porsche seized by police in Manchester. Foreign number plates on the car attracted the police's attention and it was later impounded when he produced an international licence.

Tevez now faces further charges for driving without a UK driving licence and will appear in court on 20 December for the offences, where the duration of his driving ban will be decided.

But this isn't the first time the striker has offended on the road. In 2009, Tevez had his Bentley impounded by Police, again in Manchester, for failing to show valid paperwork.This landed him with a £1,000 fine and six penalty points for driving without a valid UK licence and these further offences will only lead to more points and fines for the football star.