Twin brothers in head-on car crash


The occasional moment when you bump into a friend or relative is, for most, a pleasant surprise, but not for twin brothers Jake and Sam Stevens who had a head-on collision with each other.

Leaving his house to play football, Sam ended up going head-to-head with brother and teammate Jake before they had even reached the pitch, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to both of their cars.

Sam told AOL cars: "I was livid; I couldn't believe this had happened almost on our front door step. I jumped out the car and didn't even realise it was his car until I saw him in the driving seat!"

The boy's manager failed to see the funny side of the pair turning up late though and subbed Jake for the first hour and scorned Sam for failing to pass.

"I was still really angry, I didn't want my brother getting the ball," Sam joked.

However, after a mechanical inspection, it was no laughing matter. With both cars looking like write-offs, they were advised to claim off the insurance, but both Jake and Sam are insured with Co-op, making matters even more complex.

Sam, who pays an eye watering £3600-a-year for his 1.2-litre Corsa, said: "I'm 100 per cent happy to go to court", remaining adamant his brother is to blame.

"I need a car to get to work and collect my daughter, but Jake only works up the road, so he can cope."

Sam said: "We spent over a week fighting over who was to blame, but things have calmed down a bit now; it's just banter between us." Jake told the Sun: "There is no doubt Sam is to blame for the crash; I'm the better driver!"