SM11 THY plate fetches £37k



If the DVLA's latest personalised registrations auction is anything to go by, it seems people are willing to pay anything to get the number plate of their dreams.

The organisation's latest three-day auction netted more than £3.7m – taking the DVLA's series of auctions in 2012 to close on £19m.

Despite the numberplate "SM11 THY" hitting the headlines – which fetched £37,000 – it was overshadowed by "90 O" which went for £59,900.

Other leading registrations sold include "WR11 GHT", which fell under the hammer for little over £26,500 and "6 HFS" which went for £22,500.

"DH11 LON", sold in February for a total of £73,280, was the most expensive personalised registration auctioned during the year.

Damian Lawson, DVLA Personalised Registrations' marketing manager, said: "2012 has proved another hugely successful year for our auction programme and far exceeded our expectations.

"Our decision to bring the final three-day sale of the year forward to mid November, which has ensured customers buying for Christmas presents were able to do so with complete confidence that their relevant paperwork will be processed in time for the big day, really seems to have paid off."

"Plans are already well underway to ensure we maintain our success, starting with our first three-day sale of 2013 which will be held in Oxfordshire from January 30."

Fancy grabbing a plate with your name on? Take a look at the list of registrations being sold in January at