Elephant charges at British motorist



One British couple may think again about going on safari after they got a bit too up close and personal with an elephant.

British holidaymakers Chris Hare and Helen Jennings, both 40, were out in South Africa celebrating their engagement.

But their special trip was turned upside down as an elephant charged at their hire car while they were driving through the Kruger National park.

The animal pierced its tusk through a door and then turned the car onto its roof.
Hare told News24: "Then I came around the bend, the big guy was right in front of us. He walked towards us and I pulled off the road.

"The elephant appeared to walk past the car but then turned back, pushing a tusk against the passenger door and rolling the car.


"It was terrifying and I just thought: 'But it can't be possible that this is happening'."
Luckily the pair were accompanied by park rangers at the time of he incident.

"They were too scared (on Wednesday morning) to drive out alone in the park and we had to accompany them to the gate," said Sally Kernick of Lukimbi Safari Lodge to News24.

It's thought the elephant had a tooth abscess at the time which could explain the unusual behaviour.

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