Women being 'forced off the road' as insurance prices rise


Despite having to put up with years of misogyny, discrimination and the apparent overwhelming assumption from some groups that they'll only buy cars if they're pink, females haven't had things too badly when it comes to getting on the roads.

See, if there's one problem young drivers in particular face, it's the cost of insurance. If you're blessed with being female, prices are a bit high. If you're male, on the other hand, prices are beyond ridiculous.

The new EU regulation that prevents insurance companies from 'discriminating' against males by giving them higher prices is great news, if your name is Dave. If it's Davina though, things aren't so wonderful.

As the pricing differences equalise and premiums for males drop, it's females that will start to suffer, according to insurance comparison site uSwitch.com.

British roads, they say, are set to become 'a man's world' - with a reported 24 per cent of women soon to be 'priced off the road'.

When quizzed, 13 per cent of women said that they'd be unable to afford insurance when the price rises come into force. A further 11 per cent said they'd have to sell their cars.

A third said they'd have to cut living costs to make up the difference, while a further five per cent suggested they'd be forced to borrow money to meet the higher premiums.

On the other side of the fence, of course, 66 per cent of males think the ruling is 'about time'. No surprises there, then. 45 per cent even reckon they've been unfairly discriminated against by insurance companies in the past.

Women were happy with how things were, though - with just 18 per cent giving the new ruling their thumbs up, and 25 per cent concerned that they were now paying for riskier drivers (i.e. men) to be on the roads.

"Statistically more likely to claim, men have grown used to paying hefty motor insurance premiums, but this is all set to change," said Michael Ossei, personal finance expert for uSwitch.

"While millions of male drivers will be celebrating cheaper premiums, female drivers need to brace themselves for significant price rises. It's more important than ever that they shop around to find the best deal at renewal time – with over 100 providers on the market, there is a big difference between the cheapest and the most expensive quote.

"A little bit of research will go a long way towards limiting the financial impact of this judgement and not being forced off the road due to cost."