Video: Driver's lucky escape from runaway truck


Picture the scene: you're minding your own business, driving around in the city when you realise the stationary four-tonne truck ahead of you isn't quite so stationary anymore.

Judging by a video posted to YouTube, that's exactly what happened to one South Korean motorist - quickly having to decide how to deal with a runaway Hyundai truck flying down the hill towards him.

Many would have got out and run. Some would have simply stopped - rabbit-in-the-headlights style - and awaited the inevitable.

This chap kept his cool though (we assume, since there's no audio to hear the screaming) - slotting his car into reverse, and only just making it off the narrow street and round a corner to safety.

From that position it's a (dare we say it) more amusing than terrifying - the truck and extended crane whizzing past, followed by a selection of plastic barriers who fancied coming along too.

We'd love to say it reminded us of the bathtub-down-the-hill scenes from Last of the Summer Wine, but since we've no idea who or what the four tonnes of metal might have hit next, we'll refrain.

Still, hard to be impressed by the driver - though he/she was lucky there wasn't any traffic in the way of the reversing manouevre. Would've been a bit different in London, we reckon...