"Sorry mum, can't daddy drive?"


Sorry mum, can't daddy driveSaab

Women get a bit of a hard time behind the wheel. When us males aren't pumping up their insurance premiums, we're busy criticising the way they drive.

As it turns out though, it's not just fully grown men who take the mick - the next generation are just as bad.

In a recent RAC survey, "most" five to seven year olds think their dads are better drivers than their mums.

Similarly, kids reckon their paternal side is better on the parking front too - slating mums' skills.

There is a glimmer of hope, though - mums are more fun. "More than twice as many" of the 1,000 kids surveyed by the RAC thought their mums were better companions in the car - something to boast about, at least.

Make no mistake though, kids are still victims of extreme embarrassment from their parents - no matter which sex. Bad taste in music was reportedly the main irritation, while out-of-tune singing was next in line.

Parents shouting at other drivers also gets the thumbs-down - mothers apparently more foul-mouthed than fathers too. The RAC also tested kids' knowledge of popular car-related symbols - with some amusing outcomes.

24 per cent identified the airbag sign correctly - with the rest suggesting it represented a roller coaster or "a pregnant lady".

28 per cent guessed the temperature symbol right - with other suggested imagery including a boat, lighthouse or a lolipop.

Best of all was the seatbelt sign, with kids guesses also including a boomerang and "a magician".

The length of Britain also proved a challenge: 24 per cent thought it was 27,000 miles long, while 22 per cent thought it was one billion.

"Having focused on children in our latest advert we wanted to find out a bit more about their experiences of motoring, and now we've established once and for all who kids really want in the driver's seat," said the RAC's John Orriss.

"We all have fond memories of family car journeys as children, and long drives are actually a great opportunity for families to spend time together."

The best thing about trips in the car, though? Eating plenty of sweets, say the kids - beating the options of '"playing games" and "visiting service stations".

So there you have it - want the kids to speak highly of your parallel parking? Best get out the fruit pastilles...