Caterham unleash Supersport R


Caterham Supersport RCaterham

That Caterham Supersport not quite quick enough for you? Good news! There's an upgraded version on the way.

Called the Supersport R, it slots in just above the normal Supersport - upgrading its 1.6-litre engine to the two-litre from the Superlight R400.

It's not quite as powerful as the Superlight's, though - Caterham have knocked the power down to 180bhp where it was 210.

It's still a fair improvement over the standard Supersport though - around 40bhp more, in fact. There's more torque too - 194Nm compared to 162 - though the already-quick 0-60mph figure has only dropped by 0.1 of a second to 4.8 seconds.

You'll also get a set of posher tyres (Avon CR500s if you know your rubber), and a racier suspension setup. There is, however, still a distinct lack of ABS, airbags or other safety equipment.

There's also a limited-slip differential too - a clever setup that should allow the Caterham to apply more power to the road without spinning the rear wheels quite so much.

The cabin gets a moderate number of changes, too - moderate because there's not much in there. You will find new steering wheel, lightweight seats and a four-point racing harness though - keeping the weight low at just 535kg.

To put that in perspective, the average Ford Fiesta weighs around twice that. Interested? You'll need £27,995 - or £24,995 and a screwdriver - depending on whether you'd like to build it yourself or not.

If it were us, we'd hand over the extra £3,000 - 0-60 in 4.8 seconds wouldn't be very fun if the steering wheel fell off...

Caterham Supersport R

Caterham Supersport R