Britain's most boring motorway is...


Britain's most boring motorway is the M25PA

The M25 is Britain's most boring motorway, says new research.

Polling 1,000 UK car drivers, Allianz Your Cover Insurance found that 18 per cent of drivers voted the M25 as the dullest motorway in the country, swiftly followed by the M1 (15 per cent) and the M6 (12 per cent).

Down-beat drivers in Worcester (34 per cent) have ranked the city's roads as the most boring in Britain, followed by Chelmsford (23 per cent) and Plymouth (23 per cent).

Shockingly, Allianz found more than three quarters (76 per cent) of drivers are bored behind the wheel causing half (55 per cent) of them to lose concentration.

Jon Lott of Allianz Your Cover Insurance said: "We've found it interesting to see how different roads across the UK affect motorists. Swansea motorists report there are always traffic jams on the roads (36 per cent), drivers in Wrexham complain about caravans (50 per cent) and Edinburgh has poor signage problems according to 21 per cent of the drivers we polled."

Allianz Your Cover Insurance found that to battle boredom, drivers are listening (61 per cent) and singing along (38 per cent) to music and eating snacks (16 per cent).

When asked which British motoring celebrity would drivers most like to take for a spin Top Gear presenters came out on top with one in five men (19 per cent) opting for Jeremy Clarkson as their perfect passenger while women preferred Richard Hammond (17 per cent).

Lott added: "This research has highlighted that feeling bored behind the wheel can affect the concentration levels of drivers and so we would advise motorists to plan regular breaks and maybe open up the window to get some fresh air in the car to stay alert.

"Snacking whilst driving can divert attention from the road, so to keep safe we would always recommend stopping for short refreshment breaks."