Five of the best road tax free superminis


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More and more buyers are downsizing from thirsty saloon cars to thrifty superminis in order to save money.

But they're no normal superminis, though – they're some of the most eco-friendly superminis around.

With seating for five, enough boot space for the weekly shop, the promises of high fuel economy and zero road tax, it's easy to see why green superminis are flying out of the showrooms.

AOL Cars has brought together five of the best in terms of producing the lowest CO2. How much nasty CO2 a car emits affects how much road tax you pay.

Under 100g/km? It's free road tax – but with this threshold set to be pushed lower in the not too distant future, our top five concentrates on the superminis with the lowest CO2 figures.

It's by no means a complete list – the UK market is packed full of eco superminis – but these are our favourites.

Five road tax free superminis

Five road tax free superminis