Video: Ford looks back at its WRC best bits


Ford Focus WRCFord

As AOL Cars readers will know, Ford is about to take part in their very last World Rally Championship - pulling out of the competition from next year.

With hundreds of rallies – and some legendary drivers – under their belts, it seems fitting to take a look back at the firm's achievements over the last 15 years of competing in the series. After all – 208 podium finishes, 52 wins and two world titles are certainly nothing to be sniffed at.
It seems Ford agrees – creating a little tribute video of their own. Talking to the team personnel, we get an insight into the people behind the cars, who share with us their favourite WRC moments.

As for the the final competition? You'll just have to wait to watch that, though we do get a sneak preview as the team's Fiesta gets prepped for travelling on the Spanish tarmac.

We're sad to see Ford pulling out, but they're certainly not the only ones. Mini recently announced that they too will be departing – leaving Citroen and Volkswagen and possibly Hyundai as the only manufacturer-backed teams for 2013.

It doesn't mean this is the last Ford model we'll be seeing in the championship, though. M-Sport, who actually charged with running the team, is planning to continue running the Fiesta-based cars – but now rely on commercial sponsorship to fund their entries.