Under-25s more concerned about car colour than MPG


Unders-25s want cool coloursPA

Youngsters are more concerned about how a car looks than anything else, new research has found.

Under-25s place colour as their chief consideration when buying a car says www.Breakeryard.com.

The firm polled a total of 1,687 drivers from across the UK under the age of 25 as part of research into young people's attitudes when it came to buying cars. All of those polled owned their own car.

Respondents were initially asked to list, in order of importance, what they looked for when buying a new car.

Colour came out on top taking a 72 per cent share; price – 64 per cent; style – 61 per cent; engine size – 58 per cent; and fuel consumption – 52 per cent.

Youngsters who prioritised colour were asked why this was the case, to which the majority, 68 per cent, said that they wanted their car to "look cool".

They were then asked how much extra they would spend on a car to get it in the correct colour, to which 64 per cent said "up to £200", while 29 per cent said "up to £500". Seven per cent said they would spend up to £1000 extra to get their perfect car colour.

Black was the most popular paint shade, followed by white, red, blue and silver.

Matt Bott, founder of Breakeryard.com, said: "I was astonished to see that some people would spend up to £1000 more to get a car in the colour that they liked!

"It was also quite surprising to find out that the majority of young people prioritise colour over everything else when buying a new car.

"While liking the look of your car is obviously important to many, it's nothing compared to things like value for money and fuel consumption.

"With the cost of things like insurance, it's a wonder anyone can choose to be so fussy about things such as the colour of their car!"

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