Women urged to stay alert to bogus flat tyre ploy


Niall Carson/PA Wire

A driver has been attempting to pull over women motorists driving alone.

Females in Kent have been made aware of the motorist who has been telling women drivers to pull over with a fake sign about them having a flat tyre.

According to Kent Online, one woman has reported the ploy to Kent Police.

The woman did not pull over, despite the best attempts by the driver, and stopped when the vehicle was out of site. It only then did she discover her tyres were fully inflated.

Steph Savill from Foxy Lady Drivers Club told AOL Cars: "Most drivers will know if they have a flat tyre by the feel of the car's steering, but this is a worrying report because many women trust others to be like them and probably haven't heard of this scam.

"Our advice is the same as when a woman has been the victim of road rage or senses she is being followed for the wrong reasons.

"Trust your instincts - where in doubt, don't stop; don't drive home - he/she would then know where you live; drive somewhere public instead where there are plenty of people - a petrol station with CC cameras or a Police Station.

"Have a pen and paper handy to get the registration number if at all possible."

Kent Police is now investigating the incident, at just after 9pm on the A2 from London into Kent.

If the ploy is seen by any motorists, police are urging people to drive to the nearest police station instead of stopping.