Maserati shows off new posh four-door


Maserati QuattroporteMaserati

Italian sports car firm Maserati has shown off a tasty selection of pictures of its new Quattroporte four-door saloon.

You'll note a lot has changed in the style stakes, and the new posh four-door takes inspiration from the two-door Gran Turismo.

And like every new car that comes along these days, the new Quattroporte is bigger than the car it replaces.

But the Italian firm insists a lot has been carried over from the old model including the familiar grille, triangular pillars and vents in the wings.

The four-door's arrival is the first of three new cars set to arrive in the not too distant future. These cars aim to push sales up to the magic 50,000 mark within the next three years.

Apart from this, details are sketchy. More information will be released when the car gets its world debut at the Detroit Show in January.

For now, enjoy the images.