Margaret Thatcher's armoured bus appears on eBay... for £10m!

Thatcher bus
We know eBay unearths some interesting things from time-to-time, but when we saw this it really took our breath away.

What we have here is an armoured bus supposedly used by former PM Mrs. Thatcher. And it's being sold for a staggering £10m!

It's alleged because no-one really knows whether Maggie used it or not, but the seller is pretty convinced the Iron lady rode in it on her Northern Ireland tour in the 1980s.

But apart from the supposed prime ministerial connection, not much is known of its history. It's believed to be based on a Foden lorry chassis with a 12-litre Rolls-Royce engine, and was built by coach-builders Glover and Webb.

Thatcher bus

The leviathan weighs 38 tons, it can seat 32 passengers in relative comfort and there's even a secondary diesel engine which powers the air conditioning!

But perhaps the best feature is that the body can withstand a 7.62 round – perfect for those supermarket car park dings.

From the pictures it could do with a lick of paint and there's some abhorrent velour inside, but the seller says it runs beautifully with no faults.

Thatcher bus

The only real problem of owning it is that it's ex-military. So it has never been registered on the road and trying to describe what it is to the DVLA could prove troublesome.

The seller is an ex-military vehicle specialist, and admits £10m is "on the steep side". But they're open to offers...