Vauxhall's Corsa is even greener

Corsa gets greener
Vauxhall has managed to improve its ultra-clean Corsa ecoFLEX by further developing the 1.3 CDTI engine, resulting in reduced emissions and improved fuel economy.

The three-door model now emits just 88g of CO2 per km, a 6g/km improvement on the 2011 model, and achieves a claimed 85.6mpg, a 2.4mpg improvement.

The five-door model also has better fuel economy and emissions at 83.1mpg and 89g/km when compared to the previous model. These improvements mark a 26 per cent decrease in consumption and emissions while performance is claimed to have increased by more than the same amount since the model was introduced five years ago.

The improvements are down to new a variable displacement oil pump that adjusts the oil pressure according to engine load, thus reducing the energy required to run the component.

Further enhancements include a re-engineered transmission, which uses both new and modified parts, along with a low-viscosity oil. Low-rolling-resistance tyres and a new engine map complete the efficiency improvements.

Performance and handling have also been optimised and Vauxhall claims the suspension now offers improved rides on rough roads and in urban areas at low speeds.

The 94bhp diesel unit produces 190Nm of torque between 1,750 and 3,250rpm, powering the Corsa ecoFLEX from 0-60mph in 12secs and onto a top speed of 109mph.