Too rude for the road? The plate that might be withdrawn again

WA11 KER to be withdrawn again
A potentially offensive number plate is being auctioned off by the personalised registrations people at the DVLA next month.

The registration in question is WA11 KER – but it's controversial due to its history.

WA11 KER was mysteriously withdrawn at the eleventh hour from a similar DVLA Personalised Registrations auction earlier this year, and no reason was given.

But the number plate – ideal for someone called Walker or Wallker – is back and being offered for sale. Languishing between "500 WA" and "WAK 4S" and towards the back of next month's sale catalogue, the number plate has a reserve of £1,000.

Eagle eyes may spot the number plate – though innocently saying "Wallker" – could easily and illegally be turned into something far ruder thanks to moving one of the screwheads attaching the plastic plate to the car in between the two number ones.

We're not going to say what the word is – we'll leave it to you to work it out – but it could well be a reason why the plate was withdrawn from sale earlier this year.

When we asked the DVLA if this was the reason, they refused to be drawn. A spokesperson seemed to indicate the plate might still not make it to the auction room, saying: "Our position is clear in that, on various grounds, we will suppress or withdraw registrations that may cause offence. The registration WA11 KER is no exception."

The registration comes up for auction on Friday, November 16. Will you be bidding?