Video: Police car and cyclist clash - the sequel!

Police car and cyclist - the sequel
It appears Met Police and cyclists really don't mix! Last week we reported on a bike rider being inconvenienced by a policeman driving a Range Rover.

And now Autoblog has uncovered yet another video on YouTube that shows it's not an unusual occurrence.

This time a squad car cuts in front of a cyclist in an attempt to turn left. Pulling in front of the biker, the policeman gets an angry hand-waving response from the lycra-clad one.

But rather than let it pass, the battenburg-ed Vauxhall Astra uses its blues and twos to pull over the cyclist and ask him what his problem was.

The cyclist – like any self-respecting member of the public when confronted by a man in uniform – does what we'd all do... and apologises profusely.

We're not going to pass judgement on who's right or wrong – judging by the comments on last week's post you're all far too good at that already.

However we will leave you with quote from rule number 182 of the Highway Code: "Use your mirrors and give a signal well before you turn left. Do not overtake just before you turn and watch out for traffic coming up on your left."

Over to you...