£560,000-worth of metal splattered across road

Range Rover crash
Excited owners waiting for their new Range Rovers and Land Rovers may have to wait a little longer thanks to a transportation incident.

Late last night, a car transporter carrying brand-new 4x4s crashed on the busy A34 in Hampshire, shedding its expensive load.

Autoblog maths reveals £560,000-worth of British premium SUV was damaged.

A tweet from Hampshire Police said: "A34 update, No injuries. A car transporter lorry has overturned through central barrier. Lots of expensive Range Rovers all over the road."

Another posted minutes later said: "A very expensive road traffic collision, thankfully nobody was hurt! Not much left of some nice Range Rovers!"

BBC news said the car transporter was being towed and broke free, crashing through the central barrier and onto the opposite carriageway.

The incident has resulted in the road being shut until this afternoon for resurfacing.

A Highways Agency traffic bulletin said: "This is a very complex recovery and is expected to be completed during the morning peak period.

"Once all vehicles are moved off the carriageway, work will get underway to clear up the large amount of diesel and hydraulic fluid which has been spilt across both sides of the A34."

The A34 often carries transporter-loads of shiny new Range Rovers and Land Rovers every week, but normally these reach their destination without being strewn across the Hampshire countryside.