Top five Mercedes-Benz company cars for Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton
You may have heard a young British chap called Lewis Hamilton has decided to leave his beloved McLaren Formula One team next season, and race for the AMG Mercedes Petronas F1 team instead.

Hamilton's arrival has pushed a rather old gentleman called Michael Schumacher out of the team.

Mr. Schumacher has announced he's toddling off into retirement – for the second time – and has wished his British replacement the very best of luck. Probably.

To mark this rather momentous event, we thought we'd take a look at the cars Mr. Hamilton may well like to have as a company car next season.

Truth be told, he's probably not going to listen to what we say, but it's our chance to chat about some lovely Mercedes-Benzes anyway.

Five Mercedes-Benzes for Lewis Hamilton

Five Mercedes-Benzes for Lewis Hamilton