Video: Thunder and lightning - very, very frightening... for one motorist

Toyota gets hit by lightning
One lucky motorist is thanking his lucky stars after surviving a bolt of lightning hitting his car – while they were at the wheel!

Uploaded to YouTube this month, the astonishing video shows an SUV driving along a motorway during a storm.

And then the car is hit by a bolt of lightning causing the driver to creep to a halt.

The incident lasts for just a couple of seconds but it's enough to blind other motorists and cause the driver's heart to flutter.

The video's YouTube description says the car in question is a Toyota Land Cruiser and the driver was a Russian senior official.

As others have noted, the Russian bigwig can thank the Faraday Principle rather than his SUV's big rubber tyres for surviving the incident as lightning, hitting a largely metal object, spreads across the surface rather than passing through it.

With this in mind, the type of car doesn't matter – it could have been a Lada and he'd still survive. But don't quote us on that.

We are inclined to agree the driver is indeed the luckiest SUV driver in Russia.

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