Video: Police car's near miss with cyclist

Police car's near miss with cyclist
We're not ones to judge – we'll let you do that – but this video of a near miss between a cyclist and police car makes for uncomfortable viewing.

Posted on YouTube last week, the user "Veloevol" is seen riding along a quiet route into London.

And then, as he moves across the road, to turn right at the traffic lights a Metropolitan Police Range Rover undertakes in a bus lane, passing extremely closely to the rider. In slow motion you can see just how close the two come.

The cyclist gives chase and finally catches the unidentified officer, wearing dark sunglasses, at a set of traffic lights.

The following argument is caught on camera as the cyclist asks for the officer's badge number, which he refuses to give. Seconds later the officer accelerates away leaving the angry rider bemused in the middle of the road.

We're not going to comment on who is right and who is wrong – we'll let you be the judge of that – Autoblog simply wanted to highlight the footage.

We have contacted both the cyclist and the Met Police for comment, but neither has yet responded.