Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe goes electric


Mercedes-Benz has unveiled what it's describing as the 'world's fastest' electric car - the SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive.

With a maximum output of 552kW - around 740bhp - and a staggering 1,000Nm of torque, the electric SLS should hit 60mph in 3.7 seconds, going on to an electronically limited 155mph.

Finished in a striking ultra-reflective blue colour, the SLS comes with a unique grille to set it apart from the standard car, and will go on sale at €416,500 (£330,500) - around twice the price of its petrol-powered equivalent. It's not known whether the Electric Drive will come to the UK.

A range of 155 miles is touted for the electric SLS, and drivers can either charge up the supercar in three hours via an installed wall-box, or 20 hours through a standard plug socket.

It's not just the SLS that's getting an electric shock - with a battery-powered B-Class also on show.

Due to be launched in 2014, the B should manage a range of 124 miles, and has a maximum speed of 93mph.

Electric Mercedes-Benzes

Electric Mercedes-Benzes