More Jaguar F-Type images surface

More pictures of F-Type leaked
It's probably the most talked about car of the year - and almost certainly the one that has been leaked the most.

And now even more images of the hotly-awaited Jaguar F-Type have found their way onto the internet.

Unlike other leaks recently, these images give us the first look at exactly what the F-Type looks like in side-profile, from the rear, and what the cabin is like.

And it seems the baby Jag sports car is more aggressively-styled than the larger XK.

From the rear, the F-Type has slitty tail lamps, and there's a set of four exhaust pipes to continue the sporty look, while the side profile clearly draws links from the Jaguars of old, most aptly the E-Type.

The interior is also a bold departure from traditional Jaguar sports cars. The dashboard is dominated by a slanting bar firmly delineating the driver's cockpit from the passenger's.

The pictures show the F-Type S - thought to be the sportiest derivative before an R version arrives later.

We'll be bringing more news on the F-Type over the coming days.

Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type