Five cars you'd probably forgotten existed


The car world is guilty of producing a whole number of cars whose model names have passed into the vocabularies of the masses. Think "Fiesta", "Astra", "Golf" and "3 Series" and you'll know what we mean.

But like so many things in life, there are the cars which take all the fame while there are others that would rather sit at the back of the room and quietly get on with the job in hand.

We've put together five cars we think you've probably forgotten exist. They are all made by the most well-known names in the business but for some reason, they receive not an ounce of attention.

Volvo S80

We generally take note of large Volvos on our roads because they are usually piloted by police officers keeping us safe and hunting down traffic law abusers. But the S80 is the forgotten member of the Swedish brand's model line up. At £29,070 the S80 is good value compared to the BMW 5 Series, for instance, it's well-made and is rather handsome in certain lights. But it seems buyers are not won over by the Swede and flock to the Germans for their exec saloons.

Citroen C5

It was billed as a quirky alternative to the all conquering trio of 3 Series, A4 and C-Class at the turn of the century. The latest generation was released in 2008 and is handsome enough to steal a few sales from the Germans, but has recently suffered from models within its own French family. Ask someone to think of a Citroen and they'll probably say DS3 not C5.

Mercedes-Benz R-Class

Mercedes-Benz is back in making classy, desirable and well built cars like the C-Class and E-Class. But did you know they still sell the R-Class? The rather ungainly MPV/exec saloon crossover hit the showroom floors in 2005 and was aimed at wealthy folk in need of a seven-seat luxury people mover. We bet you thought it had died a quiet death a couple of years back... It hadn't. Instead it received a nip and tuck in 2011 and still soldiers on today.

Jeep Compass

We'll wager on you knowing what the Jeep Cherokee is, and we can presume you have wanted to climb sand dunes in a Jeep Wrangler at some point in your life. However, gracing the bottom of the Jeep range is the Compass – a compact crossover wearing the iconic Wrangler's face. However, chances are if a crossover takes your fancy, you'll probably buy a Nissan Qashqai and look past the American Compass.

Subaru Legacy

Despite them not competing in world rallying anymore, Subaru is still know for their off-road competition exploits. But the Japanese firm also produces a range of sensible cars, and probably the best of these is the Legacy. It's well-made and comes with four-wheel-drive, but it's blanked out of most people's minds due to unremarkable looks and an ambitious price-tag.

Have you got any recommendations? Let us know what would be in your list by posting your comments below.