Mini Cooper voted sexiest car for women to drive


Forget online dating – if you're a girl and you're on the market then a Mini Cooper could be just the ticket to attract members of the opposite sex, according to a new poll.

Car parts website said men voted the Mini Cooper the sexiest car for a woman to drive in its survey.

Meanwhile, it seems Walter Da Silva's 'rhythm of lines' – the Audi A5 – struck a chord with the fairer sex, who voted it most likely to enhance their impression of a bloke who drives Audi's popular coupe.

Trailing the Mini as the sexiest girl's car is the teutonic-but-chic Audi A1 – and that perennial first car favourite – the Ford Ka.

Far from needing to shell out on some untouchable exotica to pique the interest of the opposite sex, the BMW 3-series and VW Golf are the second and third sexiest cars for men to drive according to

Given the popularity of those two big sellers, there might be a few men breathing a sigh of relief.