X-ceptional! The number plate that could make a million


How much would you pay for a personalised number plate?

A couple of grand? £5,000? £10,000? Well be prepared for a shock - a registration has gone up for sale with the price tag of... £1m!

Yellow reflective plastic with unique numbers and letters on are well-known for attracting fierce attention from cash-rich drivers.

But this latest plate could set a new record if it sells for the asking plate.

Cherished plate firm Regtransfers.co.uk is asking £1m for the registration "X1".

If bought, "X1" will become the most expensive number plate to be sold in the UK, firmly beating the previous record-holder "F1" - which sold to Bradford businessman Afzal Kahn for £450,000 in 2008.

"X1" was first released a time when cars were a rich man's toy and had to drive along gravel roads behind a man with a red flag.

In fact, it's believed the first registered keeper of the plate was the chairman of the committee that led calls to axe the 4mph city speed limit and the need for the flag.

The registration is currently for sale on Regtransfers.co.uk, but interested parties should be aware that they'll have to fork out an extra £125 for the registration to be transferred, £20 for the plates to be made, £4 VAT on the plates, and £2.50 postage!