Mini launches high-riding three-door Paceman


If you already find yourself confused by Mini's ever-expanding range of models, look away now - because there's another on the way.

Based on the Countryman crossover, the Paceman is a three-door, high-riding coupe that should go some way to filling perhaps the last possible hole in the line-up.

In standard Mini style, four versions are available - the Cooper and Cooper S, along with their diesel equivalents - and in line with its smaller Coupe sibling, no baseline 'One' or 'First' trim levels will be offered.

Customers can tick the box for the Countryman's All4 four-wheel-drive system if they so choose, and all usual Mini options, like Xenon headlights and integrated navigation, are also available.

On sale from March 2013, the Paceman comes with all the usual Mini styling accoutrements - including a black, white or body-coloured roof which appears to be "floating" thanks to blacked-out pillars - and crucially, still manages to look like part of the original hatch's extended family.

Sitting at the top of the range with a starting price of £18,970, the new Mini spin-off isn't cheap but buyers will be rewarded with trademark go-kart handling, and "lounge concept" seating (just two rear chairs, in other words).

Many will enjoy the comparatively high ride-height, too, which should make the Paceman easy car to get in and out of. Is it an un-needed addition to the range? Perhaps. Will it sell in the thousands? Undoubtedly.

Mini Paceman

Mini Paceman