Pyjama maker pockets £660,000 as car collection sold


We've all got our hobbies - some collect stamps, some even collect butterflies, but petrolheads everywhere can be eternally thankful that individuals like Stephen Johns decide to dedicate their spare time and cash to things of a more automotive nature.

Previously running a pyjama factory in Yorkshire, Mr Johns had been collecting cars for a few years before moving to the Somerset - housing them in a museum all of their own.

This week though, the contents went up for auction - pleasing collectors and netting Johns a cool £667,128.

Among the 10 cars and 13 motorcycles sold were a 1927 Bugatti Type 40 Roadster, selling for £149,340, a 1972 Ferrari 246 GTS Spyder, which went under the hammer at £144,860, and a 1923 Rolls-Royce Doctor's Coupe, which sold for £57,500.

It's not known what Johns plans to do with the money raised, but Bonhams' Tim Schofield was pleased with the result. "We were delighted to see the collection achieve the prices it did", he said. "We wish him the very best for his 'second retirement'.

"Alongside the collection, auctioned by Bonhams at Beaulieu, was a 1938 Delage D6-70 tourer - owned by 1940s film star Margaret Lockwood - which sold for £51,750, and a 1925 Bentley 3/4½-litre Speed Model Red Label Tourer, selling for £140,000.

Perhaps most impressively of all, a 'barn find' 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE Series 2 Coupe with Pininfarina Coachwork sold for £82,140 – more than four times its highest estimate, and heading (we hope) into a comfortable post-restoration life.