Video: Police crush one millionth uninsured car


Drivers who flout the law and motor around without insurance get up everyone's noses – but this video is likely to cheer you up.

Posted on YouTube by West Midlands Police on Friday, it shows an uninsured Ford Fiesta being crushed into a cube. But this is no ordinary crushing – it represents the one millionth uninsured car to meet its maker at the hands of the law.

The video serves as reminder to those who think they'll chance their arm that the police are watching and can do something about it.

"West Midlands Police is committed to clamping down on uninsured drivers for a number of reasons," explains the police officer in the video. "Firstly it pushes the prices of premiums up – and no one is happy about that. But more importantly for us we find that uninsured drivers are more likely to have criminal records.

"We are finding we are arresting more and more people from seized cars for other offences like possessing drugs, supplying drugs and possession of offensive weapons.

"My message to you is that if you don't have valid insurance on your vehicle, get insurance because if you don't we're going to stop it, take your car off you, prosecute you and ensure that you do get insurance otherwise we'll crush it."