Video: Drunk Mirror highlights dangers of drink driving


It's the sort of thing your mother / wife / policeman says to you when you've had a few too many, but now that famous sober-you-up-instantly line "Why don't you take a look at yourself?" is being used to dramatic effect.

Insurer Allianz has produced a very clever video to highlight the dangers even a couple of alcoholic drinks can have on drivers.

The firm has produced a smart time-delay "Drunk Mirror" which highlights the dangers booze can have on reaction times.

Placed in a busy nightclub's toilets, men and women are given a stark message about drink driving. While some of the revellers' reactions are funny, there are several who place their drinks down half full and walk away – possibly those who were chancing a drive home.

After letting the drinkers have some fun, a message appears on the mirror which tells them "this is how slow your reflexes are after only a few drinks" and it follows it up with: "Our advice: Don't drink and drive."

The clever video is a great way of highlighting a vital message – let's just hope the message gets through to more drivers.