Finally: New Range Rover images released


Land Rover has released the first images of the all-new Range Rover, one of the most eagerly awaited new cars of the year.

The company has decided on an evolutionary approach to the styling. There were rumours that the Range Rover might go for the look of the Evoque, but thankfully they decided against it. The Evoque is a great piece of design, but it is a £30K - £40K car. The Range Rover is an alternative to a limousine costing up to £100K, and needs to look more formal.

Land Rover is not giving details of the mechanicals at this stage – they will be announced early next month. However, we do know the car uses an all-aluminium monocoque body (i.e. no Land Rover Defender-style separate chassis) to save weight. Land Rover is talking about a saving of up to 420 kg over the previous model. That is certainly a big improvement, but it indicates a figure of around 2400 kg, so it is still a super-heavyweight.

The good news is that the reduced weight means it is practical to offer the V6 diesel from the Range Rover Sport for the first time, so there should be a Range Rover with a CO2 figure of under 225 g/km of CO2. The V8 diesel and V8 petrol engines will be carried over from the current car.

The big change, as we expected, is the amount of rear legroom, the only serious failing of the previous car. Rear legroom is up by 118 mm (nearly five inches) with the option of a new two-seat "Executive Class" seating package, for the ultimate in rear seat comfort.