At last - a cool stretch limo


If, like us, you despise most stretched limousines, here is something with a bit of Scandinavian class for sale on eBay – a stretch Saab 900.

Most of the stretched limos we see in Britain are based on the Lincoln Town Car, a car based on 1970s Detroit technology - in so far as Detroit had technology in the 1970s. The alternative is the even worse Hummer, a car so bad at least it could not be made worse by stretching it. This Saab is certainly a cut above (if you will excuse the pun). Based on a 1985 900 Turbo saloon, it was converted by a Saab bodyshop manager from Colorado, so he should have known what he was doing.

Slightly surprisingly for a US saloon (or sedan as Americans call them), it is a five speed manual, so the new owner will have to drive carefully to avoid champagne spillages in the rear. Amusingly, the seller says, "Make sure the driver can handle the 5-speed turbo as she's got plenty of power to pull this black beauty through the curves." The power will be somewhere around 150 bhp and the weight will be enormous, so we don't think prospective buyers should be put off by visions of accidentally doing 100 mph a second after brushing the accelerator pedal.

The downside is the car is in the USA, but that should not stop the intrepid: one of our correspondents bought a Chevrolet Corvair back from Montana. However, you need to hurry, as the auction ends today and the price is expected to be around £5.500.

Thanks to Autoblog for spotting this one.