Video: Snakes on a bike


Indiana Jones would not have liked this one: a motorcyclist suddenly sees a snake emerge from behind his speedometer.

Just in case that idea is not scary enough, take a look at the speedometer, which is just about to go off the end of the scale. It seems to be reading 250 km/h, which is equivalent to 155 mph. So, in summary, biker overtakes on a single carriageway road doing an insane speed while snake hisses at him from the handlebars. Even Harrison Ford's stunt double never had to face that.

The strange thing (as if anything in this video is anything other than weird) is that he and his mates then have a poke around the bike to check where their new slithery friend has gone, and then nonchalantly go on their way. At the same speed as before.

It is sometimes said that we would all drive more carefully if we had a spike attached to the steering wheel or handlebars, ready to impale us if we crash. This video suggests that theory is not quite true – it is hard to see this guy being intimidated by anything.

Our thanks to for spotting this one.