Bridge becomes Lego homage


A dull bridge in the industrial city of Wuppertal in Germany has been turned into a tribute to everyone's favourite childhood toy.

And for once, the occasional German weakness for bright clashing colours (e.g. the VW Polo Harlequin), has found a productive outlet. The bridge in question had been converted from a disused railway to become a walking path, but the ugly concrete was not really in keeping with the spirit of a nice Sunday afternoon stroll.

The artists took four weeks to convert the bridge into an object of joy, and according to the German website that features the work, they would like to thank "die verantwortlichen städtischen Stellen für eine reibungslose Abwicklung des Genehmigungsverfahrens" That means "the municipal authorities responsible for the smooth operation of the approval process" Apparently even hippy artists appreciate a smooth-running bureaucracy.

So, we have Banksy's satirical graffiti on our bridges, but Germany has giant lego. Equally witty in its own way, we have to admit.