Nissan Juke Box on Tour


It had to happen: Nissan has turned the Juke into the world's most powerful music system and is taking it on tour with the Ministry of Sound.

The Juke Box has its own European tour this summer, with sets from Ministry of Sound's DJs, including Shane Kehoe, Joelle Atkins and Nissan Juke Box Sessions radio show host Des Paul. Volume won't be an issue: thanks to the help of Martin Audio, the Juke Box is capable of generating 18,900W of audio power and more than 150db (louder than a Boeing 747 on take-off).

At each stop on the Summer Sessions tour the Juke Box will capture the DJ sets played through its built-in digital radio studio. Dance music fans across Europe can then access the sets as part of the "Nissan Juke Box Sessions" radio shows which will be broadcast fortnightly on Mondays between 5pm to 7pm GMT on-line via Ministry of Sound's digital radio channel ( They will also be available through the Ministry of Sound Radio app on iTunes across Europe.

The Summer Sessions planned tour dates are:

• 7th July: Ministry of Sound at Zomerkriebels festival, Netherlands
• 13th - 14th July: Formula Student 2012, Silverstone, UK
• 20th July: Ministry of Sound at La Terrrazza, Barcelona, Spain
• 26th July: HADOUKEN! live at Ministry of Sound, London, UK
• 28th July: Ministry of Sound, Millers, The Hague, The Netherlands
• 4th August: Spindler & Klatt, Berlin, Germany