Strangest used car on the Internet?


The Internet is full of weird and wonderful cars, but this must be in with a shout for title of the oddest used car you can currently buy.

We found it while ambling around a classic car website, and it is a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia saloon converted when new to a sort of limousine beach car. Apparently it was used to ferry bigwigs around the Alfa Romeo factory – primarily the Italian President.

It was converted for Alfa Romeo by Colli, who also made a Giulia estate, mostly for the emergency services (that was called Promiscua, which makes you wonder...). As well as taking off the doors and roof, they lengthened the wheelbase and trimmed the interior in presidential-spec leather.

If you could find a perfectly smooth road, this would actually be a pretty quick car. With its classic Alfa twin-cam producing 98 bhp and hardly any weight, it would accelerate smartly up to about 60 mph, when the aerodynamics would start becoming a nightmare. However, the stiffness would be terrible over bumps. The lack of roof or compensating roll-cage would give it the rigidity of cooked pasta.

For a dedicated Alfa Romeo fanatic, or someone who wants the most distinctive beach car in Monte Carlo, the price is €75,000.