Skoda Citigo on sale


Skoda's new city car went on sale over the Jubilee Weekend, with prices starting at only £7,630.

The new model is Skoda's first ever city car in the company's 117 year history (does that mean it will be due a Double Diamond celebration in 2015?). Skoda says the Citigo is aimed at younger drivers – hence the bright and breezy TV adverts – and active older drivers. And we thought we would get to the end of a press release without reading that a new car was aimed at "active" people – silly us.

We were pretty keen on the Citigo (read the road test here) when we drove it, and these prices certainly make it very competitive. At a few hundred pounds less than the VW Up!, we would go for the Skoda. Engine choices are limited to a 60 PS or 75 PS version of the same 1.0 litre engine and there are versions with CO2 emissions below 100g/km – good for Londoners who want to escape the Congestion Charge.

It also has some interesting technology, including the options of City Safe automatic braking, which performs an emergency stop at up to 18 mph if the vehicle detects an obstacle immediately in front of the car, and the Personal Infotainment Device, a removable Bluetooth/sat-nav unit.

Buyers in this segment have never had it so good. With the Skoda Citigo, Kia Picanto, new Fiat Panda and, for the fashionistas, the Fiat 500, buyers have the widest-ever choice of decent little cars. Ten years ago it was pretty much the Ford Ka or nothing.