Rare BMW M3 and M5 Performance Editions unveiled


BMW has shown off the very rare and eye-poppingly expensive M3 and M5 Performance Editions.

Now you're probably thinking they're just the regular cars with ECU remaps or a bit of body kit, designed to generate maximum cash with minimum effort. But while some of that statement is certainly true - the M3 costs £74,000 and the M5 £95,000 - the cars are actually a bit more interesting than that.

Only 30 of each will be made, they're all coming to the UK and you can have one now.

As it happens, neither has a power upgrade - so the M3 still has 414bhp and the M5 553bhp - but both are tarted up significantly. And by significantly, we mean £17,000 and £22,000 of tarted up. Holy guacamole.

Both cars get the option three of so-called 'frozen' paints (that's matte to you and I) in shades of red, blue and white. And they both get more leather than is usually standard in the cabin.

The M3 gets the Competition Package as standard, including lowered, stiffened suspension, electric damper control and a different traction control system.

It also gets 19-inch black rims, a dark chrome exhaust, black bonnet intakes and grille, DAB radio...yadda, yadda, yadda. The M5 gets a load of extra shizzle too - £22,075 worth of kit "as standard," says BMW...about the same as the premium BMW is charging over a regular M5, as it happens.

If you've got that much money to splooge on a fancy, limited edition M Division car, BMW will give you all the details you need, we're sure.