Video: Another day, another Ferrari on fire


You may remember that shortly after Ferrari launched the 458 Italia, a spate of them were reported to have spontaneously combusted.

Well, the same thing has just happened to another new Ferrari - a different one. This time it's the FF, Ferrari's 'family car'.

According to a Polish news station, Kontakt24, the fire started in the footwell while the car was being driven on a motorway in Poland. The video below shows the aftermath.

Thankfully the driver got out before getting hurt, though there's not much left of the £227,000 motor.

It's the second FF that's burned out recently (that we know of), following an incident in Germany last year, during a test drive.

Ferrari hasn't commented, because if it commented on every one of its cars that burst into flame, it'd have no time to make cars for celebrities or upset the Chinese.