Well done VW - DAB radios now standard for 2013 onwards

Guest blogger Oliver Hammond, from warrantywise tells us about VW's tempting new creature comfort.

VW DAB radio

If you're someone who drives different cars regularly, perhaps hire cars for work or press cars if you're a journalist or blogger, there's something you may have inadvertently become so used to from some manufacturers, that when you encounter a car without it, you end up quite disappointed. What are we talking about? DAB digital radio!
Vauxhall have done a splendid job of including digital radio in most of their press fleet cars, from the Astra and Zafira to the Insignia and the GTC. Volvo too tend to include DAB radios in their journo cars, from the V60 to the XC60 and XC90. And boy does it make a difference. Not only is the quality of the audio usually much better than a normal FM radio. DAB radios hardly ever cut out at random due to losing a signal. And it also means you have far more stations to listen to, including my own favourite, Jazz FM.

Most car manufacturers do offer DAB radio as an optional upgrade when specifying a new car from them, but wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to worry about remembering to ask for one from the car salesman? Well if you buy a 2013 registration Volkswagen (or VW for short), you'll be pleased to know they will be fitting DAB radios as standard.

Volkswagen won't just be fitting DAB as standard to their posher cars like the Touareg, Passat CC and the Phaeton. It will be standard on all their models, the ever-popular Polo included. Don't worry if you're hooked on the nostalgic crackle of LW (long wave), as you will still be able to tune in to LW, FM and AM stations.

It's a good job Volkswagen are doing this, and no doubt other manufacturers will follow suit, as the UK will be switching over to DAB radio at some point in the nearish future. It was previously going to be in 2015, but now the industry bodies are talking about 2019. Whatever happens to the switchover date, why not enjoy the crystal clear quality of DAB radio in your new car right now?