Citi wideboy: Skoda unveils Citigo WRC car


Skoda has unveiled an extremely wide version of the tiny Citigo at the Worthersee show.

The Citigo Rally is a concept car only, nowhere near hitting the shops - the "rally-car-inspired study" is a publicity stunt that's come out "at a time when the Skoda Citigo makes its appearance in Europe's premier markets."

Still, it's awesome. Here's how Skoda explains it:

It impresses with its massive bumpers, rear wing, generous air intake in the front apron and forged 18-inch wheels with low-profile tyres promising high stability and ample traction.

Other rally features include generously sized fenders and massive door sills, which add a few centimetres to each side of the Citigo. A centrally mounted exhaust end pipe dominates the car's rear. The diffuser function is integrated into the rear bumper. The wing, which extends the car's roofline, is designed to increase downforce during driving.

Skoda's Worthersee stand also included a Citigo 'DJ Car', featuring a set of decks and the ability to "retract" from the B-pillars back, so it becomes a mobile stage.

The Worthersee show is an annual celebration of all things Volkswagen and fast. This was the 31st show.