Tips from the experts: cycling safely


The latest in the IAM's Drive & Survive series sees the experts swapping their steering wheels for handlebars, advising on staying safe while cycling on the roads.

Here's what resident expert Simon Elstow has to say on riding a bike:

Inflate your tyres to the right pressure, adjust the saddle to the right height for you, and make sure the gears and brakes work properly. You've got the right saddle height when you're sitting on the saddle and touching the ground with the balls of both feet

Ride defensively and always make the assumption that you may not have been seen

At a junction never wait on the left of lorries or buses – wait where you can see the driver, and try to make eye contact so you know they've seen you too

If you can't get in front safely before the lorry or bus moves away, wait behind it, and avoid cycling up the inside of them – they can't see you

Keep a door width's space between yourself and parked cars in case anybody opens the door without looking

Get the right gear. In dull or dark conditions you must have a white front light and red tail light. Wear something bright or reflective so you can be seen more easily. And wear a helmet.

The IAM has a website that's full of this sort of good driving shizzle. You can find the site here.