We just can't get enough: Ford UK sells 1,500,000th Focus


Ford has sold 1.5 million Focii in the UK. It's a remarkable achievement - the car was the best seller for ten years in a row, until Ford's own Fiesta took over.

The 1.5 millionth example was delivered to 22-year-old Jaik Mickleburgh, a right-handed batsman playing for Essex Cricket first team and who has also played for the England U19s. He is naturally very enthusiastic about the car, saying, "one feature I like is heated seats which soothe away aches after playing." Poor lamb.
The Focus was the third Ford to become Britain's best seller in recent times (the Model T Ford might have been Number One a hundred years ago, but even our tame car anorak can't remember that far back). The Cortina was the family favourite in the 1970s, followed by the Escort. As cars have got bigger, so the best seller has moved down segment-by-segment, so we are now down to the Fiesta. It's hard to see the bestseller in the UK ever becoming the Ka, though.

However, Ford still hopes to increase Focus sales in the UK. The latest version uses the smallest engine ever fitted to a Ford family hatchback – the 1.0 Ecoboost that Ford promises 1.6-litre performance with 1.0 litre economy from. With up to 123bhp from the mighty atom of an engine, it really does give excellent performance with an official fuel consumption of up to 58.9 mpg. It certainly sets a new benchmark for the class.