Video: stunt driver laps Laguna Seca on two wheels...or does he?


The clue's in the title above, but the video below is worth a watch all the same.

It chronicles the attempt of Jamey 'Ski' Smith (nicknames always look much cooler when they're in inverted commas) to lap the very famous and notoriously difficult Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca circuit in California.

It doesn't really fit the description of the sort of 'news' we usually put on here (no record-breaking was attempted and he failed anyway, but not in a comical way), but it's well worth the watch all the same; we admire the very idea that someone would attempt this. It's Eddie The Eagle, but much less crap.

Smith failed because one of the cylinder banks of his Mustang's V8 flooded with oil, while the other got none, so the car conked out. Seems like that was a foreseeable issue to us, but then we're not experts in driving cars on two wheels.

Anyway, enough of our yacking, here's the vid: