Peugeot shows Nissan Juke rival


Peugeot has shown its forthcoming Nissan Juke rival at the Beijing Motor Show.

Expected to be called the 2008 (Peugeot uses four figure names for its niche vehicles), it is, unsurprisingly, based on the new 208 hatchback. Peugeot is very keen to try and push its brand upmarket and sees the new model as part of that process.
The car at Beijing is called the Urban Crossover Concept. Peugeot says, "Urban Crossover Concept transcends borders. The borders of vehicle style and segmentation. The borders of the needs of future generations of customers. The borders between the city and nature. The borders between continents." Or it's just a hurried reply to Nissan's successful small car.

Despite the flowery language, the design is actually quite conservative compared to the radical Juke. The front and rear ends are neat, but the side profile is not that different to mainstream SUV models, albeit smaller. The 2008 will also spell the end of Peugeot's supermini estates. The company has made both 206 and 207 Station Wagons, but very few customers could see the point. A crossover vehicle with SUV styling influences is much more likely to appeal to buyers.

The new car is expected to go on sale in 2013.