Eterniti shows Artemis - the world's first production super SUV


London's Eterniti is back, but the Hemera is no more - it's called the Artemis now, it's due at the end of this year, and it's going to cost £210,000. That's a lot of money for a re-skinned Porsche Cayenne.

Eterniti claims that the Artemis is the world's first "Super SUV". We are not sure what Range Rover would make of that – in truth they probably are not terribly bothered. The Artemis is effectively a very comprehensive bodykit plus interior make-over. The new front end is quite a professional job, although a bit generic – that grille looks a bit like a scaled up version of Ford's "trapezoidal" design.

Interior equipment includes twin reclining rear seats with heating and cooling, iPad-ready holders with electronic reveal, and a drinks chiller. Meanwhile, the exterior is enhanced with 315/25 tyres on 23" forged alloy rims. If those liquorice-strip tyres do not damage the ride of the Cayenne it will be a miracle. They won't do much for the off-road ability either.

The price of £210,000 seems absurd, but it might just be a canny move. Eterniti probably hopes that the price will be the big draw – owning the world's most expensive SUV could be the whole point.